Crash on Facebook Messenger 2017-11-04




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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; Win64; x64; rv:58.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/58.0
Build ID: 20171104100412

Steps to reproduce:

Hello O would like noticed today I tried use Facebook messenger but firefox 4 times crash.I can't use it.I have to install chrome .Bottom links for crash . 

Actual results:
Crash Signature: [@ EnterJit ]
Component: Untriaged → JavaScript Engine: JIT
Keywords: crash, crashreportid
Product: Firefox → Core
Summary: Facebook messenger 2017-11-04 → Crash on Facebook Messenger 2017-11-04
pawel, thank you for the bug report.

Jan, there doesn't appear to be much to go on here. Could you take a look?

Do we know about the increase in crashes @EnterJIT (I know, maximally vague signature) around October 15?
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I looked at some of the JIT crashes. They look like different/random memory corruption. Also, not all of the crashes are JIT crashes, for instance:

Given the frequency for the reporter, and Facebook being one of the most popular websites, I doubt this is a JIT bug.

pawel, can you try running MemTest overnight?
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The recent spike seems to be only happening in Firefox 58.0a1 based on crash reports.

pawel, can you please confirm if this happens in Firefox 57 (currently in Beta)?
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I have Firefox 58 I tied call to my friend and I see windows open .This happen when he answered and he call to me and I answered .

If somebody has a Facebook account we can tied do this as see crash .
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(In reply to pawel from comment #5)
> I have Firefox 58

Sorry, that doesn't answer my question. Can you please download and install Firefox 57 from and see if this crash happens in that version?
This happen when you call for someone at messenger Facebook.

How I check this .I need someone who will answered my call.Then I will see Firefox crash or not .
Hi, I am currently using Firefox 59.2 and am seeing similar crashes, though not on Facebook (seems to be any site).

Firefox crashes frequently, maybe hourly, and I'm at a loss as to what the problem is. Firefox is the only thing that appears to have any stability issues on this system, so I would suspect something like bad memory to cause machine-wide issues. Nevertheless, I will run a memtest on this to see if I can rule that out.
Kevin, Where you able to get a memtest result? Looking at some your crashes it appears you are experiencing single-bit memory errors. I've observed similar on other Ryzen machines that have ended up having thermal issues. I'm not sure what sort of stress tests people run these days.
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Original issues here seem to be related to memory problems. We weren't able to reproduce Facebook Messenger specific issues so closing in favour of meta-bug.

(Kevin, feel free to answer my questions here)
Closed: Last year
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Duplicate of bug: SadJit

Tl,dr: bad DIMM

Ha. Sorry I forgot to update this bug with my results. After attaching WinDbg and finally getting WinDbg to break at the right time on the right process, I observed as you described. I Removed all DIMMs but one, and added them back one at a time until I identified a DIMM that was not functioning properly.

Since removing that DIMM I have experienced zero crashes after weeks of use.

Interestingly, memtest86 passed. After running it twice with the bad DIMM, it failed the second time. I find it curious that Firefox was able to reproduce the issue frequently while every other peice of software on the machine functioned fine, as far as I could tell. I didn't look into that too much.
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I appreciate the update :)
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