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In multiweek view navigating forward and backward using the arrows on top of the view is broken


(Calendar :: Calendar Frontend, defect)

Lightning 6.0
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(Keywords: regression)


1. switch to multiweek view in the calendar tab
2. try to switch the view forward or backward by using the arrows next to the today label in the upper left part of the view


- when moving forward, the view moves forward to the next week after the last previously displayed week
- when moving backward, the view moves half way forward compared to what was displayed before

- in 5.4, the view moves one week forward/backward when clicking the arrows.

In any other view, the moving forward/backward works as expected.

I didn't notice this before, maybe this is a fallout from one of the recent XBL removals in toolkit.
This is not related to te xbl removal but the removed support for loading extensions deafult pref files. moveView of multiweek view is the only one that relies on reading a preference to determine the offset. If you set the pref in the code right before it is being read, everything works as expected. So, effectively this should be resolved with whatever solution bug 1414398 will come up with.
Depends on: 1414398
MakeMyDay, is this fixed with latest Thunderbird nightly builds?
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I can chime in for MakeMyDay and tell you that the issue doesn't occur on my up-to-date Thunderbird Daily anymore.
Target Milestone: --- → 6.1
Closed: 3 years ago
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
The observed specific misbehaviour is fixed with fixing bug 1414398, but I haven't yet checked whether localized prefs are always loaded in the correct order (compared to the default prefs they override - looking at the landed fix, this use case is at least not handled explicitely). But if it turns pout to be an issue, we canb file a separate TB bug for that, as it would just affect Lightning.
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