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Searchbar context menu not disappear on subsequent paste


(Firefox :: Search, defect, P5)

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Build ID: 20171105100353

Steps to reproduce:

Can be reproduced on Firefox 57 and 58, clean profile:

- go to about:preferences#search
- enable "Add search bar in toolbar"
- disable "Provide search suggestions"
- copy some text to clipboard
- right click in search bar and select "Paste"
- click somewhere else to remove focus from search bar
- copy different text to clipboard
- again right click in search bar and select "Paste"

Actual results:

Context menu will not disappear.
Clipboard content will not be pasted into search bar.
Search UI will pop-up covering part of context menu.

See attached screenshot.

Expected results:

Context menu should disappear.
Clipboard content should be pasted into search bar.
Search UI should pop-up without any visual glitches.
Component: Untriaged → Search
I can't reproduce this on macOS.  Maybe it's Linux only.
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P5
Whiteboard: [fxsearch]

I'm on Debian and I have the same problem: when i try to click on a context menu entry, the search engine pop-up gets in the way. 

I happens when the browser can't give search suggestions, either because "show search suggestions" is unchecked (the two options below don't matter) or because the default search engine doesn't have a suggestion option.
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