release_history object should be populated for desktop only

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16 days ago
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16 days ago
I just realized that we populate the `release_history` object for all kind of nightly decision tasks, including Android.

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16 days ago
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Simon, what do you think about this change? Also, before I submit it for review, do you mind if I rename `populate_release_history()` to something like `populate_nighlty_release_history()`.
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I'd update the comment as well, but it looks good. Are we worried about cases where people trigger a nightly for a specific platform? 

desktop_nightlies = [

if parameters.get('target_tasks_method') and parameters.get('target_tasks_method') in desktop_nightlies:
Renaming the function is a good idea. The TC folks may prefer us renaming the mach command as well, as release_history is too broad.

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16 days ago
Ah, good point. I wonder if we can distinguish nightlies by product...
There doesn't seem to be an easy way of doing that.  The --force-run parameter makes it through taskcluster/taskgraph/cron/* as job_name, but that ends up only in the human readable fields, the scopes, and the routes. It seems that we either update .taskcluster.yml to add it to the parameters, or do the long-winded check.
Should we just go ahead with checking for nightly_desktop and seeing if it breaks things?
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