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Large painted layer in the chrome tabstrip


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This ends up getting it's own texture in webrender and it's basically just a solid color. I'm not sure what display item it corresponds to yet.

This is contributing to high draw counts in the chrome.
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How large? If this is on Mac, and the image is the size of the tab bar, then it might be the ThemedBackground of the vibrancy item.
There are three ThemedBackground items that are are the width of the window. One of them is the vibrancy item. One is the #titlebar and I forget what the other one is. The two ones that are not vibrancy don't seem visible, so it seems like we could probably turn off -moz-appearance on them.
The #titlebar has a -moz-appearance on it in order to communicate to the widget where sheet windows should be placed. I'm sure we can find a better solution to that, though.
I believe #navigator-toolbox was the other one.
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I hear it's no longer an issue.

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