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TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | C:\slave\test\build\tests\mozmill\pref-window\test-font-chooser.js | test-font-chooser.js::test_font_name_not_present


(Thunderbird :: General, defect)

Not set


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Thunderbird 58.0


(Reporter: jorgk-bmo, Assigned: aceman)


(Keywords: intermittent-failure, Whiteboard: [Thunderbird-testfailure: Z Win only])


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TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | C:\slave\test\build\tests\mozmill\pref-window\test-font-chooser.js | test-font-chooser.js::test_font_name_not_present

First seen Wed Nov 1, 2017, 23:41:23

Log says:
INFO -  SUMMARY-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | C:\slave\test\build\tests\mozmill\pref-window\test-font-chooser.js | test-font-chooser.js::test_font_name_not_present
INFO -    EXCEPTION: The display pane font should be Arial, but nothing is actually selected.
INFO -      at: test-font-chooser.js line 56
INFO -         assert_fonts_equal test-font-chooser.js:56 11
INFO -         verify_display_pane test-font-chooser.js:73 5

Seems to be pretty intermittent. I'll rerun Mozmill on the latest push to confirm and I'll report the result in the next comment.
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(In reply to Jorg K (:jorgk, GMT+1) from comment #0)
> Seems to be pretty intermittent.
Looks like I was wrong that it's pretty perma-red now.
mozmake SOLO_TEST=pref-window/test-font-chooser.js mozmill-one
passed locally, but I can see that it takes a while before the menu items for the fonts are filled in.

So we probably need to wait some more somewhere.
Attached patch 1415082.patchSplinter Review
Potential fix (I can't test it locally, seems Windows only).
Try run green:
Previous run without the patch has Window opt green but Windows debug with the failure.
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(In reply to :aceman from comment #3)
> Potential fix (I can't test it locally, seems Windows only).
Sadly this is now perma-red on Mac as well.

I've run it locally and it doesn't do harm, so let's go with this, what have we got to lose ;-(

Thanks for the quick action, BTW.
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wait for population of fonts in the preferences dialog. r=jorgk
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Fingers crossed ;-)
Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 58.0
Looking very good on Windows and Mac, thanks again!!
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