the p.summary fontsize of these JavaScript Guide pages is too large. it's illegible.



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13 days ago
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The font family is Open Sans.  The body font size is 16px.

The p.summary headers are 22px (1.37rem).

Please reduce this.  It's in-your-face TOO LARGE.  Like standing directly in front of a billboard.

To make it worse, the font's natural word-spacing and letter-spacing at that size is illegible.  All spread out like a 1950 telegram.

I tried tweaking {word-spacing:+.04em; letter-spacing:-.04em} to compress the words, and separate them from each other.  That somewhat improves it.


Please.  It makes me wince to arrive on these pages.  I can't read it.  This layout doesn't work.

PS.  double-space after period, plz.
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Product: Developer Documentation → Mozilla Developer Network

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7 days ago
I would like to work on this bug as part of my university coursework. Please could I be assigned to it and given extra information? Thank you!
Assignee: nobody → shobson
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7 days ago
We've reduced the font size to 20px as part of some upcoming typography changes. We have also restricted the line length to make it easier to read. You can see this today if you log in and sign up to be a beta tester: 

The change should be live for all users at the start of next week.

The industry standard is one space after a period, we will stick to the industry standard:

Sorry Rayann, the work has already been completed.
Last Resolved: 7 days ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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6 days ago

This link is a composite screenshot of the tweaks I made last week of the moz CSS docs page.
Each example builds upon the one above it.  In top-down order:

1.  the present CSS docs oversize text.  as-is, unchanged.
2.  &nbsp; added after each period.  (&nbsp; plus <sp>)
3.  word- and letter-spacing tweaks.
4.  Arial font.  (from 2nd choice in font-family list)
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3 days ago
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