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Should ASan build of Windows/Android have different JS stack quota?


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separated from bug 1244280.

ASan build uses different JS stack quota than non-ASan build, and it also applies to Windows/Android builds.
for Windows, the value for non-ASan build is calculated with API, but ASan build value is hardcoded, and most likely bigger than non-ASan build's value that seems to be almost maximum.
for Android, the value for non-ASan build is smaller than one for ASan build, but the value for non-ASan build seems to be almost maximum.

  1. are those value really valid for them?
  2. should we support ASan build for them? (I see win64 ASan as tier-3 in treeherder)
  3. should we use different JS stack quota on ASan build for them?
glandium, is there valid/supported build configuration or any plan, for Windows/Android with ASan? (see bug 1244280 comment #27)
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Redirecting to Snorp for android, and Ting-Yu for Windows... but he seems to be on parental leave, so let's try dmajor.
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Yes, we have tier3 Windows ASan builds, and we are (slowly) working on bringing them up to tier2 in bug 1360120. I expect that these builds will become more official/supported over time, rather than less.

At this point, any quota value that keeps the builds green is fine with me. When we get actual tests running in CI, we may need to revisit, but that should be straightforward.
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I think we would like to have ASan builds for Android if possible, but it's not a high priority at the moment.
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