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Report system and process info at start of test run


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See It would be useful for debugging some test failures to have some idea of OS state -- when was it last rebooted, what processes are running, what network connections are active, etc. Let's use psutil to report a bunch of that, perhaps into a separate artifact.
Please note that for bug 1397201 we seem to collect orphaned Firefox processes while mochitests are running. Not sure how mochitests are working, but they start Firefox a couple of times. So ideally for each start of Firefox such an output would be good to have.

Or we ensure that all known firefox processes are getting killed.
we restart firefox for every manifest we run (which is per directory).  so the harness should be able to print this out before launching the browser.
In, you can see the system-info.log artifact. This will be created for desktop unit tests -- everything run from I already have something similar in place for Android.

This only addresses the issue of what state things are in when mozharness started running tests. I will follow-up in other bugs to check on whether firefox is dead after running tests and whether firefox is already alive at the start of tests.
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create system-info.log artifact for desktop unit tests

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Create system-info.log artifact for desktop unit tests; r=jmaher
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Follow-up: work around intermittent psutil import error, on a CLOSED TREE
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Follow-up: work around intermittent psutil import error, on a CLOSED TREE
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