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Unable to publish 57.0rc1 to beta channel


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(firefox57blocking fixed)

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firefox57 blocking fixed


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When attempting to publish 57.0rc1 to beta channel we hit the following error:

11:12:30     INFO - [mozharness: 2017-11-07 19:12:30.888396Z] Finished submit-to-balrog step (failed)
11:12:30    FATAL - Uncaught exception: Traceback (most recent call last):
11:12:30    FATAL -   File "/builds/slave/rel-m-rel-fx_sc_p_in_balrog-00/scripts/mozharness/base/", line 2059, in run
11:12:30    FATAL -     self.run_action(action)
11:12:30    FATAL -   File "/builds/slave/rel-m-rel-fx_sc_p_in_balrog-00/scripts/mozharness/base/", line 1998, in run_action
11:12:30    FATAL -     self._possibly_run_method(method_name, error_if_missing=True)
11:12:30    FATAL -   File "/builds/slave/rel-m-rel-fx_sc_p_in_balrog-00/scripts/mozharness/base/", line 1938, in _possibly_run_method
11:12:30    FATAL -     return getattr(self, method_name)()
11:12:30    FATAL -   File "scripts/scripts/release/", line 96, in submit_to_balrog
11:12:30    FATAL -     self._submit_to_balrog_bz2(channel_config)
11:12:30    FATAL -   File "scripts/scripts/release/", line 135, in _submit_to_balrog_bz2
11:12:30    FATAL -     env = {"BALROG_BLOB_SUFFIX": channel_config["bz2_blob_suffix"]}
11:12:30    FATAL - KeyError: 'bz2_blob_suffix'

from //

Rail said in IRC to assign to him
Also realized that one of the patches was backed out from m-c for some reason...
on inspection in the log and Balrog itself I see that we did indeed publish the scheduled change for the beta audience, I have signed off on this.

The task failed due to code concerns we can ignore for this run.
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Bug 1415276 - Unable to publish 57.0rc1 to beta channel
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