Publishing Focus APKs on (Separate S3 bucket)

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(Reporter: liuche, Assigned: oremj)


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Sorry Joshua, I got the S3 credentials but didn't save my key to my keychain. Here's my new GPG key:


We would like to publish release builds (APKs) of Focus/Klar for Android on (like we do for Fennec builds).

Currently we upload them to the releases tab on GitHub - just to keep an archive of them:

As far as I know is composed of S3 buckets. So I assume we'd need a separate one for Focus and Klar? Currently our release process is not fully automated so we'd need to upload builds manually until we have our build pipeline on taskcluster. Right now we release a new version of Focus every 2 weeks. For every release we might build 1-3 RC builds that we publish as beta on Google Play. We might want to archive those too.
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