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[meta] Get Talos suites running on Try and comparable to non-webrender


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(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [gfx-noted])

This is a meta bug tracking Talos suites running on Try server including performance, crash and Time out relative issues currently I saw. The platform were focused on Linux x64 opt and Windows 10 x64 opt build.

About the performance comparison, the way I did for these issues were sending a patch to enable/disable wr on the same platform like Linux x64 opt or Windows 10 x64 opt build to make sure the only difference was about to enable/disable wr.

1. On Linux x64 opt, the patch I modified to make sure the comparison would be disable_wr/enable_hw_acceler v.s. enable_wr/enable_hw_acceler.
   1.1 Comparison link on Linux x64 opt
   1.2 try link for disable_wr/enable_hw_acceler on Linux x64 opt
   1.3 try link for enable_wr/enable_hw_acceler on Linux x64 opt
   1.4 try command: try: -b o -p linux64 -u none -t all[x64] --rebuild-talos 10

2. On Windows 10 x64 opt,
   2.1 Comparison link on Windows 10 x64 opt
   2.2 try link for disable_wr on Windows 10 x64 opt
   2.3 try link for enable_wr on Windows 10 x64 opt
   3.3 try command: try: -b o -p win32,win64 -u none -t all[Windows 7,Windows 10] --rebuild-talos 10

Based on the above results, I will file bugs the delta for enabling wr is above 10% worser than disabling wr and depend on this.

About the time out and crash relative bugs, bug 1409289 Comment 6 has an known to figure out. Besides this, there were some hit on Windows 10 x64 opt. For these, I will also file bugs and depend on this.
Depends on: 1416634
Depends on: 1416635
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
Keywords: meta
Here to attach the Comparison results on from today's rebase, which were both Linux x64 opt[1] and Windows 10 x64 opt[2] build. This result also force enabling gfx.webrender.blob-images to compare.


I will update other performance bugs linked to this meta bug based on this result.
Summary: [meta] Get Talos suites running on Try → [meta] Get Talos suites running on Try and comparable to non-webrender
Now that all the talos tests are running on m-c/integration branches, I'm going to close this bug and use bug 1416635 for tracking the talos tests that are "regressing" compared to non-WR. We don't need two metabugs that are basically tracking the same thing.
Closed: 3 years ago
No longer depends on: 1416635
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Actually I'm going to use bug 1450997. We have too many metabugs...
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