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I think there is a problem in the section of relative URL.


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I just copy the seemingly wrong section right below.

A relative URL will point to different places depending on where the file it is used inside is located — for example if we moved our index.html file out of the projects directory and into the root of the web site (the top level, not in any directories), the pdfs/project-brief.pdf relative URL would now point to, not

Problem sentence:
The pdfs/project-brief.pdf relative URL would now point to

I think here means when we change the location of index.html, the relative URL of project-brief.pdf simultaneously changes to /projects/pdfs/project-brief.pdf. 
And the absolute URL ( is absolutely wrong. The pdfs directory is still inside the projects directory. Moving something out of a folder doesn't mean delete that folder, is that right?
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Priority: P5 → P1
Hi there!

I think my here wording is correct, but you have helped me to understand why it could seem a bit confusing.

I have tried rewriting the section so that it doesn't go wrong in the way you have described. Is my rewrite better?
Priority: P1 → P5
oops: "I think my here wording" -> "I think my wording here"
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