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Rename prompt IDs from the form of info.body to infoBody


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Multiple places within our prompt code we have IDs for elements that use of the form of `info.body`. When referenced from CSS we have to escape the period and write the selector as `info\.body`. This makes it hard to search for the ID in our codebase as it appears in two different forms.

These are the three that need changing:,72,79

You will need to use to search the codebase for any references to `info.title`, `info\.title`, `info.icon`, `info\.icon`, `info.body`, and `info\.body`.

The same changes should be made to
Hi I would be happy to take this bug as my first one )
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not sure if I had to put any flags or what so ever, first attempt of me to do something in OSS and Firefox in general, hope to hear reviews
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Hello, in the future you should set the review flag. See

I think you forgot to update the CSS references that Jared mentioned though e.g.
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Assignee: nobody → gorovoja
Priority: -- → P5
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Silly mistake by me, did not figure out how mozilla's search engine works properly.. changed the rest of the code and added flag.
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Thanks, when you set the review flag, please set it to a '?' and then in the Requestee field put in ':jaws' (without the quotes).
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Can you fold your patches together? You can use the `hg histedit` command to "roll" your patches together. See for how to use the command.
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Thanks for writing these patches! Please see my note below and my previous note about rolling up the patches together.

::: toolkit/themes/osx/global/commonDialog.css
@@ +26,1 @@
>  #info\.header,

Please change this one too.
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oh, it ended up being wrong format, I need to re-do it..
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hopefully this one contains everything needed.
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final maybe

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Thanks, this looks good. I'll push this patch to tryserver to make sure that all tests pass, then we can get this landed. In the meantime, can you add a commit message to this? You can use "Bug 1416875 - Renamed prompt IDs from the form of info.body to InfoBody so they won't need escaping. r=jaws". Then you can attach the commit with the commit message to this bug.
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I've tryed to do that, but seems like you already did it?
I pushed the patch to our "try" server which will apply your patch and make sure that there are no test failures.

The patch still needs an updated commit message. If you need help setting the commit message you can join #introduction on the Mozilla IRC server at
Oh, I see what you mean, yes I did put a commit message on it when I pushed it to tryserver. I'll go ahead and land this for you now.
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Renamed prompt IDs from the form of info.body to InfoBody so they won't need escaping. r=jaws
Closed: 5 years ago
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Congratulations on landing your first patch! Thank you for your contribution to Firefox and Mozilla!
Thank you so much for help :)
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