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Entering characters with character marks on OSX doesn't correctly change auto-complete options


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Steps to reproduce:

OS: macOS, with turned on accent menu (should be on by default, I believe)
Pre-requisite: have some history entries in Firefox

When typing inside the address bar, use the OSX accent menu by holding a key and select an accented letter (e.g. č, ž, é).

Actual results:

What happens is Firefox uses the first history entry of the non-accented letter and replaces its first character with the accented letter.

Expected results:

Either a history entry with the correct accented letter should appear (say a unicode domain, if one is in history) or no address should be highlighted but rather just a suggested search engine query.
Component: Untriaged → Address Bar
I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand the bug looking at the screenshot. What's in the first suggestion is not in your history, the Address Bar just assumes what you typed looks like a domain and tells you what will happen if you confirm what's currently typed in the url bar. since in the urlbar you typed "č", it tells you if you confirm that you'll end on that page (likely a 404, but the Address Bar can't know).
It's possible I'm misunderstanding your report though, if so maybe you could rephrase it for me.
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Attached video
video of what is happening
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Hi, I included a video above ( ).

I hope this makes it more clear.

The way I see it, once I select the letter "č" (or any other accented letter) from OSX's accent menu, the Firefox address bar should reload. Instead, what happens is Firefox automatically replaces only the first letter. Apart from not being intuitive, this also makes it difficult to use the default search engine via address bar if your keyword starts with an accented letter.
Attached video Second example
For example, here's a video of what would happen if someone wanted to do a search directly from the address bar for "école" on OSX. 

Instead of modifying a history URL that begins with e (and chaning it into é but retaining the rest of the string), it would be more intuitive if after entering the accented letter, the input text for reloaded and only contained that letter.
Thank you, the videos help a lot.
In pratice, when you type the normal letter, autofill kicks in and adds the autofilled part. When you select the different letter, the autofilled part should be removed, instead it gets unselected.
If we can detect the event, clearing the autofilled part should be easy.
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