Password Manager pop-up appears for every single page while reading PDF




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10 days ago
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Mac OS X

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10 days ago
Steps to reproduce
1. Open a link containing a PDF file. (I used

2. A popup appears asking permission to save a password. Username is 1.

3. Close it. I clicked in "Don't save"

4. Keep reading.

5. Whenever a new page appears, it keeps repeating from step 2. (Username field is updated to the page number)

What was expected

No password saving pop up should appear

That was first seen after updating from Firefox 56.0.3 to 57.0 in macOS 10.13.1.
I just tried the above linked PDF and I don't see any password prompts. Has the PDF changed?
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Comment 2

9 days ago
Maybe. I have just re-tested it and it is now not showing the pop-up. Yesterday there were also no pop-up in some other PDF in a different website not related to Mozilla.

I would keep this as opened for some days just in case it happens to me again.
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Comment 3

9 days ago
I'm having the same issue.

It occurs when the PDF can only be viewed when logged into its host.

For example, when working on this PDF from my school (which I have to login into), the prompt appears on every page.

I took a screenshot of the behavior:
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