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Simplify offsetOfNativeOrScript and how jit code is loaded


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It appears we're committing a crime of unnecessary over-generality here, and offsetOfNativeOrScript could probably be split into two methods offsetOfNative and offsetOfScript, because the callers ~always [1] know what they expect.

For bug 1319203, we want to introduce a new struct in the JSFunction union U: a WasmNative, which is a native function **and** a jit entry. The idea being that we could reuse the loadBaselineOrIonRaw / load-at-offset pattern to load the wasm jit-entry. So for this, we'd want the WasmNative's native to be located at the same place as a regular native in the union, and the WasmNative's jit entry to be located at the same spot as the scripted function's script. Which motivates the following shuffling: in the union, put scripted's env first and then the other sub-struct s.

[1] it's not always the case: sometimes we want to make sure a given callee is an expected native, and we're not sure the function is scripted or native. In this case, we'd compare either a Native or the scripted's s.env (because of the shuffling), and this sounds fine, because both are memory addresses, so there can not be false positives.
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Random cleanups.
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This is great, it also makes the code more readable.

::: js/src/jit/BaselineIC.cpp
@@ +3842,5 @@
>      masm.Push(scratch);
>      // Load nargs into scratch for underflow check, and then load jitcode pointer into target.
>      masm.load16ZeroExtend(Address(target, JSFunction::offsetOfNargs()), scratch);
> +    masm.loadPtr(Address(target, JSFunction::offsetOfScript()), target);

So we called guardFunApply to guard the callee is scripted. Could you remove the checkNative argument from guardFunApply while you're here? Both callers always pass |false| and this confused me for a bit.

::: js/src/jit/CodeGenerator.cpp
@@ +2796,2 @@
>      masm.store32(Imm32(u.word), Address(output, JSFunction::offsetOfNargs()));
> +    masm.storePtr(ImmGCPtr(info.scriptOrLazyScript), Address(output, JSFunction::offsetOfScript()));

For this one it would be nice to add JSFunction::offsetOfScriptOrLazyScript, similar to offsetOfNativeOrEnv you added. I don't expect that to change anytime soon, but it's nice to document/check the invariant.
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Nice cleanup.
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Random cleanups; r=jandem
Use more descriptive names in the JSFunction union; r=jandem
Rejigger how native/script are stored in JSFunction and update callers; r=jandem
Fuse the script load and jit code load into one masm instruction; r=jandem
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