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In a text field, option-arrow jumps over punctuation, but only when moving to the right


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Steps to reproduce:

1. With Firefox for Mac, in any text field (like an HTML text area, or the URL bar), type:

    abc (def) ghi

2. With the cursor at the end, press option-left-arrow 3 times
3. With the cursor at the start, press option-right-arrow 3 times

Actual results:

After step 2, the cursor is (i) right before "g", (ii) right before "d", (iii) right before "a"

After step 3, the cursor is (i) right after "C", (ii) right after ")", (iii) right after "i"

Expected results:

After 3(ii), the cursor should be after "f", before ")".  That's what every other text field on the Mac does.

I'm not sure why the word movement algorithm would be asymmetric.  If "(def)" doesn't include "(" when going backwards, then it shouldn't include the ")" when going forwards.

This only affects cursor movement.  Double-clicking to select a word correctly identifies both ends of the word, so double-clicking the letter "e" selects "def".

I found bugs #188213 and #98546, which appear related, but both were marked "FIXED" years ago, and don't mention the asymmetric movement, so I don't think they're actually the same issue.
Component: Untriaged → Editor
OS: Unspecified → Mac OS X
Product: Firefox → Core
Priority: -- → P3
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