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Graphics driver block request: 0x1002 driver less than 21.19.411.0 for GPU_PROCESS on All (Windows)


(Toolkit :: Blocklist Policy Requests, enhancement)

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(Reporter: milan, Unassigned)



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OS: All Windows (so, "All")
Vendor: 0x1002
Devices: All
Driver version: 21.19.411.0
Driver version comparator: LESS_THAN
Firefox versions: 57.0 only

Contact info: :milan
Reasons: See bug 1417442

This is the actual entry we want:

  <versionRange minVersion="57.0" maxVersion="57.0"/>
I know that Jorge already told me that your team doesn't want to be held responsible for that blocklist anymore but since currently you are the only one being able to do the change, could one of you create the record in and someone else review it?

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For the background, this is 57 release video issue with 50k+ people affected so far.
Summary: Graphics driver block request: <vendor> driver <driver version>/<devices> for <feature> on <os> → Graphics driver block request: 0x1002 driver less than 21.19.411.0 for GPU_PROCESS on All (Windows)
Depends on: 1418423
Milan, can you confirm <feature>GPU_PROCESS</feature>?

I'm looking at the available options in the blocklisting UI and I don't see that one. Maybe it's a recent one that hasn't been added, in which case we'll need to make a code change before we can enter the blocklist entry.
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If that's a valid feature we can add it in the JSONSchema.
Let's assume the report is correct and add it to the schema.
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Attachment #8929551 - Flags: review?(jorge)
Yes, GPU_PROCESS is a valid feature since version 52.  The older versions will ignore it.
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Comment on attachment 8929551 [details] [review]
PR #2 ­— Add new GFX feature

Also reviewed on GitHub.
Attachment #8929551 - Flags: review?(jorge) → review+
The changes in comment 6 have been deployed to stage and prod.
Milan, the block should now be staged and ready for testing. Let me know when it's okay to push it live.
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I'm testing, but may have discovered a bug that would make this change be ignored.  So, no point in going live until we know for sure.
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We only have partial support for this, so it never gets parsed out of the blocklist.  That will get addressed in bug 1418980, in the meantime we do not need this bug.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Just FYI, I removed the staged block.
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