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test-verify-wpt improvements for mass file changes / imports


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One of the challenges of test verification is time: Try to strenuously verify too many tests -- or even just a few long-running tests -- and you find the wall clock has advanced quite a ways. Too long of a run keeps people waiting for results, and risks timeouts (and relaxation of timeouts needs to be weighed against the probability of hangs).

The initial implementation of test-verify favored speed over completeness:
 - if a single test is taking more than about 10 minutes to verify, give up
 - if many tests files change, only verify the first 10
 - if a test verification job is taking longer than an hour, give up

The initial implementation of test-verify-wpt followed the same model. However, web-platform tests are often updated en-masse on mozilla-central, to incorporate upstream modifications, and need to undergo a similar verification process. It would be nice if test-verify-wpt could handle those import scenarios.

See particularly.

Specific enhancements:
 - a way to relax max-time and max-tests, perhaps from try
 - more efficient mozharness calls into the test harness (not one run per affected test)
 - possibly less logging (see --verify-log-full use)
See Also: → 1413729
Priority: -- → P3
Type: defect → enhancement
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