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Wasm baseline: Refactor registers and register allocation


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Spun out from bug 1336027.

In order to reduce complexity in the BaseCompiler class, mve the register abstraction classes and the register allocator class out of the BaseCompiler.
Depends on: 1389458
Patch.  Carry bbouvier's r+ from bug 1336027 comment 17.

Remarks in that comment *NOT* yet addressed here.

Also, discussion elsewhere revealed that while there are effectively all sorts of tests for atomic load and store rolled in with the test cases of non-atomic load and store (since they use the same code generators), this is *NOT* true for 64-bit atomic load and store on 32-bit systems, where completely different code paths are used.  So would be nice to have additional tests for those.
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(Disregard comment about atomic loads and stores; I'm juggling too many patches.)
Regalloc refactoring with review comments addressed.  Carrying bbouvier's r+.
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This cleans up the scratch registers further by making the scratch register macros return the typed registers (RegI32 and so on) and not Register or FloatRegister.  It's not a complicated patch but it seemed worth a review.
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Renames some macros used internally in the baseline compiler so that they are less likely to clash with macros defined elsewhere, under unified compilation.  This really is a triviality, I'm just looking for a rubber stamp.
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wasm baseline, refactor registers and register allocation, r=bbouvier
wasm baseline, clean up scratch registers further. r=bbouvier
wasm baseline, rename some controlling macros. r=bbouvier
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