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CSS: dashed ignored


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Trying the Webrender.

Found this problem with dashed:

{ border-bottom: 1px dashed #006951; } - is not rendered correctly.

Look at:

Problem exists only with Webrender.
Can you attach a screenshot?
Nightly 59 x64 20171120100042 de_DE 5c48b5edfc4ca945a2eaa5896454f3f4efa9052a @ Debian Testing (KDE, Radeon RX480)
fresh profile: layers.acceleration.force-enabled, gfx.webrender.enabled, gfx.webrender.blob-images

The dashed line he mentioned seems fine for me, but another dashed line is just a solid white line.
This is not a regression. All earlier builds (2017-11-01, 2017-10-20, 2017-09-02) look like attachment 8930141 [details] for me. 20170701100236 (2017-07-01) has even both: A solid white line below a dashed line.
(mozregression --good 2017-07-01 --bad 2017-11-20 --pref "layers.acceleration.force-enabled:true" "gfx.webrender.enabled:true" "gfx.webrendest.enabled:true" "gfx.webrender.layers-free:true" "gfx.webrender.blob-images:true")

(In reply to Eugene Savitsky from comment #0)
Which OS and graphics card do you use?
Keywords: correctness
Whiteboard: [wr-mvp] [triage]
Version: 59 Branch → Trunk
Win 10. AMD 7700.
OS: Unspecified → All
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
Actually it does not matter what video card is used. On my notebook with integrated Intel graphics I see the same line without dashes.
OS: All → Unspecified
Hardware: x86_64 → Unspecified
Whiteboard: [wr-mvp] [triage] → [wr-reserve]
Assignee: nobody → ethlin
Comment on attachment 8942833 [details]
Bug 1419065 - Update annotations for the fix of webrender border problems (PR#2292).

Attachment #8942833 - Flags: review?(bugmail) → review+
Eugene, can you confirm if it's fixed? Thanks.
Flags: needinfo?(ezh)
WFM. There would be a small optical change compared to Gecko, but it's the most pretty from all, I think.
Verified in comment 11. This also fixed bug 1429614. Thank you, Ethan! :'(
Closed: 2 years ago
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