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ID .gitignore entry ignores "id" locale (for mac)


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There's currently a .gitignore entry of "ID" that is generated by idutils and actively used today but causes problems with git on mac because `[core] ignorecase = true` for "id" locale (Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia).

Standard8 added the .gitignore unignore entry for screenshots see 1346825 comment 15. I added one for activity stream in bug 1419601 after forgetting to update it in bug 1413550.

That forgetting has resulted in almost 3 weeks of Nightly 58/59 being broken for "id" users and about 1 week of Beta 58 so far (although the next beta build 58.0b6 is after US Thanksgiving, so it'll be broken for about 2 weeks).

Ideally we avoid these types of failures more generally maybe by scoping .gitignore ID to directories that might be used with idutils.

bz from irc:
> There are people who use idutils with Gecko/SpiderMonkey, yes
> I mean, their generation is not an automatic process, but it sure does make searching nicer in some cases
> The problem is that the mac filesystem is case-insensitive
> I wonder whether we can restrict the ID ignoring to ID in the root and in the spidermonkey root
> It's hard to say where else people might decide to run idutils...
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Bug 1419836 - ID .gitignore entry ignores "id" locale (for mac).

Thanks for tracking this down.
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ID .gitignore entry ignores "id" locale (for mac). r=standard8
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