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URL not selected in location bar when clicking too fast after opening the browser / new window


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Start firefox (or open a new window)
2. Click the location bar immediately, before the URL of the start page has appeared

Actual results:

The location bar will have the URL of the start page added, with the caret in the beginning. You must remove the existing URL yourself.

Expected results:

I would have preferred to have the text selected so I can just type to replace the URL, like when you click the location bar and it already has an URL in it. I accidently click too fast quite often.

So my proposed solution would be:
If text is added to the location bar, while the location bar is selected (with the caret blinking), the added text should get a selection. At least in the situation where the location bar is empty before the text is added.
Component: Untriaged → Address Bar
Reporter: Do you have the addon "New Tab Homepage" installed ?
No I do not use that addon. I only use Fireshot and uBlock Origin.

I made a quick video of this:
In the video you can see that I press the address bar immediately, then after that the start page URL is filled in, and when I write I just add text at the start. I would very much prefer to replace the URL instead.
Isn't the address bar focused by default on startup from Firefox 57 on?
Marco: Only if you set FF to show a blank page on startup. When you set it to a specified start page, it's not (see the video in my previous comment).
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Bug 1399454 made it so that the address bar is focused when starting Firefox for "blank" pages. Bug 1393802 made it so that about:home, about:newtab, and about:blank are all considered "blank". These pages don't end up setting a value in the address bar, so they avoid running into this bug.
Flags: needinfo?(edilee)
See Also: → 1399454, 1393802
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