In firefox with UI in Kannada, after recent updates kannada letters with 'dheerga' are not rendered properly. Please check the screenshot.




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Steps to reproduce:

Im using firefox with kannada UI, after recent updates kannada letters with 'dheerga' are not rendered properly. Please check the screenshot. I dindt face this before update. Even some webpages also affected by this.

To reproduce, just open menu which have kannada letter.

Actual results:

Kannada alphabetes with 'dheerga' are not rendered properly

Expected results:

Kannada alphabetes with 'dheerga' should be rendered as before
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To help developers who are not very familiar with the Kannada writing system, please give a specific example of a word that shows the problem, with screenshots showing the difference between correct and incorrect display. Thanks!
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Screenshot showing the difference

New screenshot is added showing the difference between Google Chrome rendering and Firefox rendering. the same applies to menu UI text.

I'm usnig Linux, I tested same text with different font size, this issue appears only for few font sizes, for others it works without any hiccup. so perhaps its anti-alias issue related to Linux?

As all menu text font size in firefox dev release is bigger than stable release, and as i mentioned earlier, issue appears only for perticular font size. This is there in Dev release menus but not in stable menus
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It looks like this could be a freetype hinting issue, maybe dependent on the specific font hinting/rendering settings that are in effect. What font is being used for the Kannada text on your system?
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