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16 years ago
I archived a full directory from my hard disk to CDrom as a periodic backup of
my working directory for a Java project currently in progress.

1. Burn the CD data disk
2. Move the CD to the PC CD drive
3. Use windows exporer to Read the new CD
4. Use Mozilla (Build ID: 2002041711) to verify CD reads ok.
5. use file / open file 
6. Select the the CD drive, move down 3 or 4 directory levels to the desired file.
7. Select index.html file to read from the CD
8. The html file reads OK, read other html, java applets, text files, etc from
the CD -- the cd burn is ok
9. remove the cd and insert a different data cd.
10. use file / open file to get to a file on this new cd
11.  here is the problem occurs.  Mozilla keeps attempting to read the cd but
does not seem able to reconize there is a different cd now in the drive.  The
'busy' icon displays contineously ( at least for a very l...o...n..g ). 
Control/Break has no affect.  The only way I can seem to break the 'busy'
condition is to open a new window from the exporer bar, or some other trick to
take to focus away from mozilla.
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2 years ago
Component: File Handling → File Handling
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