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[Static Analysis][Big Parameter Passed as Value] VideoReceiveStream::Config should be passed as const T&


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Since the size of VideoSendStream::Config is roughly 320bytes I think we can pass it as const&.
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Bug 1420877 - pass VideoReceiveStream::Config as const&.

::: media/webrtc/signaling/gtest/MockCall.h:143
(Diff revision 1)
> -  VideoSendStream* CreateVideoSendStream(VideoSendStream::Config config,
> +  VideoSendStream* CreateVideoSendStream(const VideoSendStream::Config& config,
>                                           VideoEncoderConfig encoder_config) override {

It's overriding the upstream [1] though. Does this even compile?

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Yes you're right, my patch didn't contain the modified header. Do you think I should report this upstream?
This was actually fixed upstream 3 and a half years ago, see [1].

Hmm, Dan, how come we haven't picked this up? 57 is not that old, is it?

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I'll answer myself. The upstream version of this code is at [1]. A couple of blames show [2] as the offending commit that reverted this. It added Move semantics for those config objects. And indeed, the callsites of these functions in chromium use std::move. But then why do they take the arg by-value and not as an RRef? What am I missing?

Filing something on that could make sense at least.

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Maybe they are taking it by value to permit the usage of RValue?
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This should be closed as it's no longer present in our code.

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