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docker-worker seems to not resolve exception w. worker-shutdown if gracefully terminated


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(Reporter: jonasfj, Assigned: wcosta)



If the machine is gracefully terminated, like EC2 inititated shutdown (when updating AMI),
it seems workers don't resolve with exception and worker-shutdown.

Instead it seems the SIGTERM reaches into docker and kills all task container processes and then containers, causing docker-worker to conclude the task failed because it got a non-zero exit code.
For shutdown behavior, see:

In short, it'll hit the power button, which usually triggers graceful machine shutdown.
After a short grace period the machine power cord is unplugged, if it haven't already halted.
So I know we used to do this right.
Because in the days before we got spot-termination notices, we relied exclusively on this.

The problem is either:
  A) when the worker process is terminated, it ignores the signal rather than reporting tasks 'worker-shutdown'
     (even just silently dying would be fine; I suspect it's actively ignoring the signal)
  B) docker receives the terminate signal before the worker process does (maybe there is some race condition)
Assignee: nobody → wcosta
See Also: → 1438128
See Also: 1438128
Priority: -- → P2
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Component: Docker-Worker → Workers
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