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urlbar/address bar/location bar sometimes momentarily unresponsive immediately after loading a new page


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Steps to reproduce:

Navigate to some web page.
Hit Command-L, then Command-C

(Note: This only happens randomly. It seems to be more likely when the page is still loading or you have recently switched tabs, but it's hard to be sure.)

Actual results:

Clipboard remains unchanged

Expected results:

Clipboard should contain the URL of the current page.
Component: Untriaged → Serializers
Product: Firefox → Core
I don't think the serializers are involved here (but please correct me if I'm wrong).
Component: Serializers → Address Bar
Product: Core → Firefox
Keywords: steps-wanted
urlbarBindings.xml does have some special handling for copying, so it's possible there's a problem with it.  Without some solid steps to reproduce the problem though it will be hard to act on this bug.
Priority: -- → P5
Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
Ok, I've managed to find some fairly reliable reproduction steps:

1. Navigate to
2. scroll down to "Recent Activity"
3. Cmd-click on a business link to open in a new tab.
4. Quickly ctrl-tab to switch to that tab
5. As soon as the green HTTPS lock appears, hit ⌘L, ⌘C
6. Paste, and notice that the URL bar is overwritten with whatever was in your clipboard before.

For me there seems to be a second or two, starting around when the HTTPS lock appears, where the URL bar is unresponsive -- both copying and pasting will fail. If I ⌘L, ⌘C before the green lock appears, or sufficiently after, it works fine.

I've also managed to reproduce this within one tab; steps 3 and 4 just become "click on a link", and for step 5 you ⌘L, ⌘C once the URL bar updates to the new URL. This seems a little more finicky than the new-tab workflow, but might allow reproduction with faster sites since you don't have to change tabs.
Thanks for following up, I think I can intermittently reproduce it.  As you say, there's a moment where the urlbar or Firefox itself is unresponsive -- or at least the Command-L doesn't immediately focus the urlbar.  To me, that looks like the problem, and the inability to immediately copy the text is just a consequence.  We would want to track down why the unresponsiveness is happening I think.
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Keywords: steps-wanted
Summary: Copying current URL by Cmd-L, Cmd-C sometimes fails → urlbar/address bar/location bar sometimes momentarily unresponsive immediately after loading a new page
My totally uninformed guess as to what’s happening: I’m not entirely sure, but I think most command-key combos get queued, so that even if one takes a little bit, the intended action still happens. For whatever reason, that isn’t happening here. I have a feeling that it’s related to the fact that ⌘L isn’t a menu item, so it wouldn’t be queued by the same system as ⌘C, which is a menu item.
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