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collapse in bookmarks sidebar may cause unexpected folder expanded/collapsed


(Firefox :: Bookmarks & History, defect, P5)





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If scrolling occurs when collapse in bookmarks sidebar by clicking twisty causes unexpected folder expanded/collapsed. Maybe because event position is not following scrolled distance.

1. Start firefox with new profile
2. Show bookmarks sidebar
3. Add 'New Folder' under 'Other Bookmarks'
4. Add bookmarks in 'New Folder' until scrollbar appears, then add a few more
5. Scroll bookmarks so 'Other Bookmarks' to be top of the scrolling area
6. Click the twisty of 'New Folder' (click just on the twisty symbol)

'New Folder' collapsed and 'Bookmarks Menu' expanded.

Only 'New Folder' collapsed.

If I set breakpoint on treeView.js#978, it is called twice.

1st stacktrace:
PTV_invalidateContainer (treeView.js#978)
PTV_containerStateChanged (treeView.js#948)
PTV_toggleOpenState (treeView.js#1611)
changeOpenState (tree.xml#241)
onxblclick (tree.xml#1185)

2nd stacktrace:
PTV_invalidateContainer (treeView.js#978)
PTV_containerStateChanged (treeView.js#948)
PTV_toggleOpenState (treeView.js#1611)
SU_handleTreeClick (sidebarUtils.js#44)
onclick (bookmarksPanel.xul#1)

'New Folder' is collapsed at 1st event, and scrolling occurs.(scrollbar disappeared)
2nd event seems to be fired with same coordinate(x,y), it is pointing to the icon of 'Bookmarks Menu'. This causes as same as 'Bookmarks Menu' clicked.

This depends on bookmarks tree structure, so unexpected folder will be expanded, unexpected folder will be collapsed, also unexpected bookmark will be selected.

(I'm not sure this covers bug 1053664, bug 1317334, ...)
Weird, thanks for filing, I can reproduce it.
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Priority: -- → P5
Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
See Also: → 1053664
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