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Create a "Ruby annotations guide" article


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We currently don't have a guide to using ruby annotations, and should have one. This would not be an overly difficult article to write, but should exist for completeness and to fill in some gaps in our coverage of the topic.

It should include information about use cases, the various ways it can be used, and should provide a broad assortment of syntax examples, since the elements can be used in a number of configurations.

Examples for pronunciation guides, transliterations, and translations should be included, as well as examples for various East Asian languages, with examples using jukugo, kanji->hiragana/katakana, kana to Romaji, Original language to English, and so forth.

The article should also cover use of CSS Ruby Layout.

And, of course, it should be crosslinked with all of the reference pages, with sidebar items added to both the "Ruby annotations guide" and the various HTML and CSS reference pages as appropriate, as well as links under "see also" and in the body text.
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