Open Bug 1423041 Opened 4 years ago

Re-enable SSRC switching for RTP streams with MID


(Core :: WebRTC, enhancement, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox59 --- affected


(Reporter: drno, Unassigned)



To avoid confusion with finding the right RTP stream when the sender switches SSRC's on the fly without signaling it we currently don't allow SSRC switching when bundle is in use (see bug 1394602).

Once we are able to detect if incoming RTP packets are properly marked with MID values in RTP header extensions (see bug 1405495) we should re-enable allowing to switch SSRC's as we then no longer depend on SSRC's as the identifier for routing the RTP stream to the correct receiver.

Note: we should avoid flipping the allowed/dis-allowed state to avoid race conditions. So a simple boolean state like used right now is probably not enough at that point any more.
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