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[] can't clear form the fields.


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firefox59 --- affected


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[Affected versions]: Nightly 59.0a1
[Affected platforms]: Windows 10 x64

[Steps to reproduce]:

1. Launch Nightly 59.0a1 and make sure you have at least a profile saved.
2. Go to
3. Buy an item and proceed to checkout
4. Double click on email field and select one.
5. Double click on the name field.

[Expected results]: In the name field or other sections except for email section,  should allow clear form the sections.

[Actual results]: In the rest of sections you can't clear form the fields.

[Note]: We want to clarify this behavior.
Please see the attachment for more details.
Attached video Recording #2.mp4
I tested this issue using latest Nightly 59.0a1 on Mac 10.11 and Windows 10 x64 and during the verification, I discover that if I want to select a card credit on the payment method menu and then I want to clear form, I can't clear all the sections.
[Note]: Please see the attachment.
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Ray, can you help to verify this bug ? Thx
Flags: needinfo?(ralin)
I first noticed that the website use intangible inputs instead of type="hidden" to get rid of autofill feature, and I would suspect some kind of two-way data binding behind the scene messes this up.

<input class="visually-hidden" autocomplete="shipping given-name" tabindex="-1" data-autocomplete-field="first_name" data-honeypot="true" aria-required="true" size="30" name="checkout[shipping_address][first_name]" data-com.agilebits.onepassword.user-edited="yes" type="text">
Remove V2 flag. Just had a brief discussion with Luke, and we think this should related to a long-standing debate about the strategy against hidden(or visually hidden) fields. So, in near future, no straight fix to this. Thanks.
Flags: needinfo?(ralin)
Whiteboard: [form autofill: V2]
Priority: -- → P3
Attached video 2020-06-15_09h22_20.mp4

Reproducible on the latest Nightly 79, attached screen recording for reference.
Also, the autofill highlight is missing for the auto-filled fields.

Severity: normal → S3
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