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Update funsize to ubuntu:xenial and python3


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ubuntu:vivid is now off support, and no more packages are available. This will cause us issues when we come to regenerate the docker images.

Since migrating to python3.5 is fairly straightforward, we should do this at the same time.

This will also allow us to use a feature introduced in Py3.3, which will make optional metric collection easier - ExitStack() allows for optional context managers, so instead of making metric collection mandatory and use `with timer():` we can make it optional.
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Bug 1423539 Update funsize docker image and python3
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Update funsize docker image and python3 r=rail
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Backed out changeset 82e312ab3bc2 changes to taskcluster/docker/funsize-update-generator/Dockerfile for clashing with bug 1423539. r=backout a=backout
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That backout is part of bug 1423663 and this bug (bug 1423539) should need no further changes regarding the conflict. The backout comment got only posted in this bug because the backout commit message only mentioned the revision but not the bug number. Sorry for the confusion.
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Sounds there's nothing I need to do.
(tho it's a bit surprising that the system would make a comment on behave of me)
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