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A load with an assigned application cache matching a NETWORK namespace doesn't lookup a regular HTTP cache entry


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Reported via mozilla-microsoft-discuss forum.

When a sub-resource load from a context for which an appcache is assigned matches a NETWORK namespace, we don't query the regular HTTP cache for an entry.  This violates the spec and causes perf issues.

The fix would be to split (with few small tweaks) nsHttpChannel::OpenCacheEntry and call its second part w/o a reference to appcache again from nsHttpChannel::OnOfflineCacheEntryAvailable when NAMESPACE_BYPASS matches.
Copied from the original forum post:

Here is the minimal repro link:


    Load above url in firefox
    It will install appcache (will cache 3 resources master2.html, repo2/jquery, repo2/1.js)
    Reload above url (F5)


    master2.html will load from appcache
    jquery, 1.js will load from appcache
    2.js should load from browser cache


    master2.html will load from appcache
    jquery, 1.js will load from appcache
    2.js is loaded from network

Now if you load below url again, which skips appcache all the resources are loaded from browser cache (including 2.js)

This seems like an issue as other browser are working as per the below spec.

For resource 2.js we will hit step 5 (from above spec) and should fetch the resource normally and abort the app-cache steps.

Can you please take a look at this issue.


Credit: Mihir Ray
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This simply splits OpenCacheEntry to two halves.  When we match NETWORK names (internally still called BYPASS according the very first spec) we don't go to the network regularly but first check for existing HTTP cache entry.  This works well (no issue with wait flags) and preserves all code paths and checks.

I don't have time to intro an automated test for this, hence only tested manually.

let's see what breaks:
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just minor change to a comment.
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Lookup regula HTTP cache on appcache NETWORK namespace match, r=michal
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