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Add status and assignee to the list of bugs and allows sorting by columns


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There are two things I use Bugzilla search instead of Pontoon bugs view.
- no status and assignee is there (the status may not be necessary, as it's either UNCO, NEW or ASSI, but knowing the assignee is helpful to find my bugs)
- the list dost not support any sorting by columns
Good call.

Do you find any of the existing columns (id, summary, last changed, date created) unnecessary?
Priority: -- → P4
I am not sure about the bug ID and creation date.

The ID does not hold any useful information itself, only preserves the order of when bugs have been created. Only when someone sends me the bug number, I can Ctrl+F it in the list.

The creation date is something extra compared to Bugzilla search results and lists, only date of the last change is displayed here. Given the fact it never changes, it does not say anything about the state of the bug and personally I would have no problem if it goes away from Pontoon. You can always estimate from the change date, if there is something happening in the bug.
Thanks. My thinking is similar.

I'm asking of course in case we'll have problems finding enough space to display all fields.
Mentor: m

As agreed over IRC, I'm assigning the bug to okpo.

I suggest you split this into two pull requests:

  1. Add status and assignee fields
  2. Make columns sortable
Assignee: nobody → okpo.ekpenyong

okay thanks, mentor mathjazz for the tips.

We're getting lots of requests by Outreachy participants, so we often run out of Mentored bugs. We've decided to unassign all Mentored bugs until the assignee sets up a development environment.

Please send us a screenshot of your working development environment via #pontoon on Mozilla IRC and we'll assign you a Mentored bug afterwards.

Thanks for understanding!

Assignee: okpo.ekpenyong → nobody

Hi mathjazz, I've sent the screenshot of my dev env as requested. Pls. let me know how to proceed.


Assignee: nobody → okpo.ekpenyong

Good morning mathjazz. Pls I need more info on this bug to enable me work accordingly:

  1. Earlier discussions on this bug seem to suggest that its centered around bugzilla env and not pontoon app
  2. I don't get to see any 'list of bugs' on the working env though I can see that on bugzilla (even t doesn't have the list)
  3. Am I missing something?
  4. A link to the exact codebase I will be effecting change on, will be highly appreciated. Thanks

okpo, the feature is about the "Bugs" tab on the team page, e.g.:

If you're on latest master, you'll need to ENABLE_BUGS_TAB before the tab appears on http://localhost:8000/de/bugs/.

The codebase is located here:


hi mathjazz, I want to be sure about the result of my changes on the pontoon app before I send in the pull request, but changes are not reflecting on code edit.

'make test' will show a bug on the code on terminal though, but when I use 'make run' to see changes it doesn't happen.

do I need to run any special command to see changes? thanks

After you save the changes, they should be reflected in the app after next reload. For some changes (e.g. to localizable content) you need to run make build (which take a while) and then make run, but I don't think it's necessary in your case. You can still give it a try.

Also, feel free to open a work in progress pull request. That way we can look into it with less speculation.

okay, thanks

I have sent in the first WIP PR. I will add the second one that intends to make the table sortable, shortly.

Hi mathjazz! I have sent in a new PR. I was kinda having issues updating the previous one, so I created a new one. I hope its Okay...

Hello mathjazz, thanks for the e-mail; I have sent in the PR.

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