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Send an (change) event when the user cancels the file (webkitdirectory) selection (upload) window.


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Steps to reproduce:

See example test in attachement:

1. Click on the file/folder browse button...
2. Cancel the selection window the browser provide
3. The application does not receive an event to hide the mask

Actual results:

The file selection dialog provided by the browser disappears, but the mask can't be removed.

Expected results:

An event handler (callback) should be able to react on the cancellation of the folder/file selection
Component: Untriaged → Event Handling
Product: Firefox → Core
Component: Event Handling → DOM: Core & HTML
I noticed none of Firefox, Edge or Chrome sends change event when "cancel" button is pressed.
Is there a way that we can know the result of the file dialog?
Priority: -- → P3
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