Seemingly there is no way to go from the day pane to the main calendar view!



Lightning Only
a month ago
a month ago


(Reporter: najoll, Unassigned)


Lightning 5.4




a month ago
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Build ID: 20171206182557

Steps to reproduce:

Tried to view the main calendar by clicking anywhere in the calendar pane that can be displayed to the right of e-mails.

Actual results:

I failed.

Expected results:

I should have been able to succede. So far as I can tell, (1) there's no way to get to the main calendar view - i.e. seeing a grid of days (or weeks or whatever one has selected) from the e-mail pane, (2) there really should be, especially since there is other good way of switching to the calendar (the other ways consisting of (i) clicking on a tab, *if it is there*, and if it is there it many be one of many tabs, (ii) finding a tiny icon, (iii) finding a larger icon pinned to a toolbar, if it is not obscured and if it is there at all).
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