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Get web-platform-tests running on Windows QR builds in automation


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firefox66 --- fixed


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This bug covers getting all the web-platform-tests enabled on quantumrender builds on windows.
Moving to p3 because no activity for at least 24 weeks.
Priority: P1 → P3
I did a try push with these tests enabled. Still a bunch of blue, and a lot of the failures are just fuzz. But there also appear to be legitimate reftests that we should probably investigate. A lot of them are SVG-related. There are also a bunch where stuff appears to be positioned somewhat differently.

The ones that are obviously visibly wrong (doesn't include the "positioned somewhat differently" tests):

!   /svg/painting/reftests/paint-context-001.svg
!   /svg/painting/reftests/paint-context-002.svg
!   /svg/painting/reftests/paint-order-001.svg
!   /svg/path/bearing/absolute.svg
!   /svg/path/bearing/relative.svg
!   /svg/path/bearing/zero.svg
!   /svg/path/closepath/segment-completing.svg
!   /css/CSS2/positioning/position-relative-035.xht
!   /css/WOFF2/tabledata-recontruct-loca-001.xht
!   /css/css-masking/clip/clip-filter-order.html
!   /css/css-shapes/shape-outside/shape-image/gradients/shape-outside-linear-gradient-003.html
!   /css/css-shapes/shape-outside/shape-image/gradients/shape-outside-linear-gradient-011.html
!   /css/css-shapes/shape-outside/shape-image/gradients/shape-outside-linear-gradient-012.html
!   /css/css-shapes/shape-outside/shape-image/gradients/shape-outside-linear-gradient-013.html
!   /css/css-shapes/shape-outside/shape-image/gradients/shape-outside-linear-gradient-014.html
!   /css/css-shapes/shape-outside/shape-image/gradients/shape-outside-linear-gradient-015.html
!   /css/css-shapes/shape-outside/shape-image/gradients/shape-outside-linear-gradient-016.html
!   /svg/path/distance/pathLength-zero-percentage.svg
!   /svg/path/distance/pathLength-zero.svg
!   /svg/render/reftests/blending-002.svg
!   /svg/shapes/ellipse-01.svg
!   /svg/shapes/ellipse-02.svg
!   /svg/shapes/ellipse-03.svg
!   /svg/shapes/ellipse-05.svg
!   /svg/shapes/ellipse-06.svg
!   /svg/shapes/ellipse-07.svg
!   /svg/shapes/ellipse-08.svg
!   /css/css-text/white-space/white-space-collapsing-preserve-breaks-001.xht
!   /css/css-text/word-break/word-break-normal-bo-000.html
!   /svg/path/property/priority.svg
!   /svg/pservers/reftests/meshgradient-basic-001.svg
!   /svg/pservers/reftests/meshgradient-basic-002.svg
!   /svg/pservers/reftests/meshgradient-basic-003.svg
!   /svg/pservers/reftests/meshgradient-basic-004.svg
!   /svg/pservers/reftests/meshgradient-basic-005.svg
!   /svg/pservers/reftests/meshgradient-bicubic-001.svg
!   /svg/pservers/reftests/meshgradient-complex-001.svg
!   /svg/text/reftests/text-complex-001.svg
!   /svg/text/reftests/text-complex-002.svg
!   /svg/text/reftests/text-shape-inside-001.svg
!   /svg/text/reftests/text-shape-inside-002.svg
!   /svg/text/reftests/textpath-shape-001.svg
!   /svg/text/reftests/textpath-side-001.svg
The blue jobs seem to actually be AWS spot terminations, which are not our fault. So it's probably worth turning on these jobs now. I'll try and do the thing to annotate all the failures.
For now I'll just do the WPT reftests, since those are more relevant for QR.

Try push is at
This also updates some existing annotations to collapse lines with
webrender and not-webrender clauses.

Depends on D14932
Marking leave-open for getting the other WPT tests enabled as well, which I'll try to do in the next few days.
Assignee: nobody → kats
Keywords: leave-open
Pushed by
Turn on WPT reftests on windows QR. r=jmaher
Update WPT reftest conditions for Windows QR results. r=jmaher
Also I filed bug 1515432 for squashing more conditions in the ini files.
See Also: → 1515432

Gonna clone this for the other WPT tests since we're now on Fx 67 and it gets messy tracking multiple patches across different versions.

Closed: 2 years ago
Keywords: leave-open
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla66
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