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Modal dialogs on macOS should open as "sub-window" under the title bar of a window. However, since TB 58, the dialogs appear at weird locations. As they cannot be used, the become unusable. 

See attached screenshot: the Account Manager is opened at the bottom of the window.
I can't reproduce this with 58.0b2. Have you tried with "Restart with Add-ons disabled"?

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a month ago
Yes, it also happens in Safe Mode. I should add that I'm on macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra).

It doesn't happen always, and interestingly, it seems to depend on which element got the focus before a dialog is opened. 
For example, if I click on the message view pane (lower right), then the dialog will open there.

Furthermore, the dialog also "moves" when you resize the window. I created a video showing the behavior. It also happens when the dialog is originally at the correct location:

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a month ago
Antony, Albert
Do you use engimail? If so, do you see this with 58 on Sierra?
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a month ago
AFAICT, it's not depending on Enigmail in any way. I made the video in Safe Mode, without _any_ addon.
Yes, when I marked something in the message pane and then open the prefs through the menu I can confirm your issue on TB 58. On TB 59 the sheet always opens at the correct position. But when resizing the window it jumps too.

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a month ago
Hi Wayne

No I mainly use TB std, I believe and I am still using El C. for my OS :-/

Ciao Antony
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(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #3)
> Antony, Albert
> Do you use engimail? If so, do you see this with 58 on Sierra?

No Enigmail and El Capitan (for the time being). Sry.
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26 days ago
I can reproduce this on High Sierra (macOS 10.13) and with TB 59a1.
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