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Turn on media mochitests on windows10-64-qr


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The testing try push I did at shows that there's only one failure in the media mochitests on windows10 with WR enabled. It seems to be a permafail version of bug 1405083 which is a pre-existing intermittent. We can either mark it skip-if=webrender or try to fix it, but either way we should be able to get the media mochitests turned on pretty quickly.
I did another try push at which shows a bunch of blue, so these tests are probably afflicted by the same memory problems as webgl and other mochitests.
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Updated try push:

Next step here, if we still get a lot of blue jobs, is to try reproducing on a loaner and see what's going on.
Try push looks good. One blue job, but much less than before.

@catlee: Cost of these jobs is ~30 minutes on opt, ~41 minutes on debug, so ~71 minutes per push, modulo SETA. The instances are going to be virtual-with-gpu instances.
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Bug 1426155 - Disable failing media mochitests on windows10-64-qr.
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Bug 1426155 - Turn on media mochitest suite for windows10-64 QuantumRender builds.
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Disable failing media mochitests on windows10-64-qr. r=jrmuizel
Turn on media mochitest suite for windows10-64 QuantumRender builds. r=dustin
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