sign lang packs for 60 as part of automation

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a month ago
6 days ago


(Reporter: jlund, Assigned: Callek)


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a month ago
This will require added tasks to our task graph. As well as some work either with our signing servers, or communicating with AMO.

We will need this in place for the next major ESR. I'm assuming we will likewise need it for release/beta too?

One other thing to figure out is whether esr60 buys us more time.

@callek, I'm going to start with this assigned to you. Could you schedule some regular meetings in 2018 to get all requirements and plan solution? We can discuss this and your involvement more at our next 1x1


6 days ago
Summary: sign lang packs for 59 as part of automation → sign lang packs for 60 as part of automation
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