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On the autofill suggestions are duplicated


(Toolkit :: Form Autofill, defect, P3)




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firefox59 --- affected


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Build ID 20171220220602

[Affected versions:] Nightly 59.0a1
[Affected platforms]: Windows 10 x64

[Precondition]: Make sure you have a profile credit card saved.

[Steps to reproduce]:

1. Go to and buy something
2. Go to checkout
3. Double-click on name field and select a saved profile
4. Double-click again on the name field.

[Expected results]: A drop down with clear form and options buttons are shown.

[Actual results]: The autofill dropdown is displayed again but duplicated.

[Note]: Please see the attachment for more details.
Attached video deathwish.webm
Remove V2 flag since we are not going in figure out the solution during version 2 period. Left this bug opened to track possible solutions in the future.
Whiteboard: [form autofill: V2]
A quick note what I observed from inspector:
There are two set of inputs on the page with identical autocomplete attribute. i.e. two inputs with autocomplete="shipping given-name" are in the same form but one is visible, the other isn't. Plus, we see these visible inputs as duplicate to the invisible ones and turn out those visible fields are dropped from our field list, so we're not able to auto-fill and highlight these inputs. 

The reason why these inputs still being filled is interesting. The website uses some kind of two-way binding mechanism to sync the value between input pairs. So, once we auto-filled the invisible inputs, the value will be synced to the visible part right after.
WFIW, I guess we can rethink the de-duplicate strategy if we find the autocomplete attribute is clearly and explicitly set, no matter it's duplicate of any.
Priority: -- → P3
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