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Make sure the HPKP/HSTS preload expiration dates are accurate for Firefox 59


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firefox59 blocking fixed
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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1412331 +++

Confirm and patch security/manager/ssl/StaticHPKPins.h and security/manager/ssl/ in 58 to have sufficient lifetime on the preloaded HPKP and STS pins.

Going off past precedents, we'll want an expiration date of around 2018-07-03 to coincide with the release of Firefox 61 (though that should be confirmed closer to the time of landing the patch in case of schedule changes).
Version: 58 Branch → 59 Branch
Right now, we have 2018-06-26 as the release date for Firefox 61 on the release scheduling calendar and 2018-07-03 on the wiki: I'll have to go over the calendar again with the team, but for now, it may be best to push out the date by a week past July 3rd.  

keeler, what do you think?
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I think that's probably fine. Note that we can't land this for a while yet anyway because a test depends on the information eventually expiring.
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After some discussion we set the release date for Firefox 61 to 2018-06-26. When should we land the date change?
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Looks like in the past we've landed it about 3 weeks before release, so around 2018-02-20, assuming 59 is going to be released on 2018-03-13?
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I think we're good for landing a patch here now.
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Confirmed that's the correct date, the release date of Firefox 61.
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Let's get this landed for 59b12. Thanks for the patch!
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