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Awkward "Quick Find within link-text only" shortcut placement on AZERTY keyboards


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Steps to reproduce:

- Use a keyboard with an AZERTY layout (French). See attached file.
- Make sure Caps lock is deactivated and your cursor is not in a text input.
- Press 4 (on the row under function keys, not on the number pad).

Note: that row does not work the same way as the one on QWERTY layouts; you have to toggle Caps lock on to write numbers with it (instead of toggling it off).

Actual results:

The quick-find bar appears and the key press is not registered by the web page. The web page also loses focus and does not register the following key presses.

Expected results:

This shortcut should be bound to another key on this keyboard layout since this row of numbers is widely used in games and web apps. Right now the only solution is to keep Caps lock on as extensions does not allow to rebound default keyboard shortcuts.
(In reply to vilcegt from comment #0)
> The web page also loses focus and does not register the following key presses.

That's a problem with the web page. See for a demo.
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I think this is similar to, which the user reported normal (expected) behavior in other browsers.


In your case the problem seems to come from the websites themselves: they use event.key rather than event.code for checking key presses, which does not translate well for azerty keyboards.

For example, the shortcut for slowing Youtube videos is the second key from right shift: the . key on qwerty keyboards. But because it checks for event.key === ".", you need to "type" a period. And on azerty keyboards you type a period by pressing the third key from right shift while holding shift (see azerty layout on my previous message). The proper check should be event.code === "Period" as it checks for the physical key press rather than what you type.

This bug report is about the quick find shortcut from Firefox itself:

  • On qwerty: it is on the ' key, which is under the Escape key.
  • On azerty : is is also on the ' key, which is under the F3 key (and is the key which is used for 4).
    The shortcut should be moved to ² on azerty keyboards, which would effectively be under the Escape key.
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