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'modified' and 'created' fields should be NOT NULL on the History table


(Firefox for Android :: Data Providers, enhancement, P5)





(Reporter: Grisha, Unassigned)



Stemming out of Bug 1428165, which is specifically concerned with the history table. Other tables will benefit from this as well, but it's easier to attack this one table at a time - at the expense of a schema migration churn.

'modified' timestamp is currently used by Sync for change tracking, and so this work will involve a migration that's concerned with its impact on history Sync (we don't want to trigger an upload of records unnecessarily).

Unfortunately, due to SQLite's limitations, this migration will involve going through a temp table and copying a whole lot of history records - all at the upgrade time. This needs some careful thought, and will benefit greatly from having a limited set of history records (correctly working expiration for a release or so is a pre-req, so post-Bug 1428165).
I believe the "this requires copying everything" issue is why we haven't done this in the past. For users with limited space, this will permanently lock them out of Firefox: we won't have space to create the new table, and we can't continue without upgrading the database. You could write a conditional migration that's OK with failure, but then what's the point?
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