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TaskCluster 'Sign-In with Email' button seems load a blank page


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The TaskCluster 'Sign-In with Email' button seems load a blank page.

Here's steps to reproduce:

o load
o click on the 2nd blue button 'Sign-In with Email'

o the loaded page ( is blank

As a non-employee I used to use this particular workflow, although I discovered I can use the first button and log in with Auth0 and send myself a valid login credential. This allowed me to log in to Treeherder fine, which was where I discovered this issue.
Attached image signInWithEmail
Per screen grab, using this button.
Ah, looks like it's a CSP issue -- easy enough to fix.  But yes, Auth0 is the right way to login now (for everyone).
Assignee: nobody → dustin
I haven't gotten back to this in a bit.  But at this point, with linked accounts, that sign-in-with-email button doesn't work for anyone anymore.  And Treeherder will be using a completely different signin process very soon (bug 1395356), so this will all go away.
Closed: 2 years ago
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How about just removing/commenting out the sign-in-with-email button so we don't keep clicking on it (assuming that TC page is going to stick around) even after Treeherder switches to something else?
The page is going to go away (in theory in October 2017, and in practice the patch is nearing r+), but yes, I can remove the button.
Cool, thanks! :)
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