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Many lint tools do not check exit code


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Found via bug 1428582, which investigating found that the wpt lint has been exiting abnormally (with a failing assertion) for who-knows-how-long.

It seems that the wpt lint, and several others, don't seem to check the exit code of the called subprocess, which seems bad.
I wonder if this (in the WPT case) is the explanation for (Gecko exported tests sometimes contain lint errors)? We have bug 1428582 and quite probably other bugs where the lint throws an exception and hence doesn't run to completion, and nobody notices that this happens?
Do you have some example pushes where this happens? I can try to add a check for the lint exit code, but having some revision that fails to work against would help to ensure I atually fixed the prblem fully.
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If you don't have the patch for bug 1428582 and wpt lint has any files to lint it will raise an AssertionError.
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Comment on attachment 8941037 [details]
Bug 1428585 - Fail the wpt lint if the lint process has a non-zero exit code,

::: tools/lint/wpt/
(Diff revision 1)
> +    if files == [tests_dir]:
> +        print >> sys.stderr, "No files specified, running the full wpt lint (this is slow)"
> +        files = ["--all"]

Was this case actually happening? I think mozlint should prevent running this linter in the first place if there were no wpt related paths being linted.

::: tools/lint/wpt/
(Diff revision 1)
> +        if proc.returncode != 0:
> +            results.append(result.from_config(config, message="Lint process failed"))

Alternatively you could return the returncode and mozlint will pick that up as a failure, but then if you had legit results to show, they would be lost. So this is probably better.

Maybe at least log the return code in the message.
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Fail the wpt lint if the lint process has a non-zero exit code, r=ahal
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Fixup flake8 error, r=me ON A CLOSED TREE
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