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Credit card - On credit card autofill doesn't work


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Affected versions]:

Tested on Nightly 59.0a1(2018-01-07)

[Affected platforms]:

Tested on Mac OS X 10.12, Windows 10

[Steps to reproduce]:

 1. use VPN to connect to a Germany server. 

1. Go to and buy an item and proceed until you are in the credit-card section.
2. Double click on the "Karteninhaber" or "Kartennummer" fields. 

[Expected result]:

The autofill credit card suggestions are displayed. 

[Actual result]:

Nothing happens. 

NOTE: Here is a video of the actual result:
Whiteboard: [form autofill: V2]
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Whiteboard: [form autofill: V2] → [form autofill:V2][Misc.]
Here is a list of the element's id/name in credit card page:

     cc-name:   creditCardHolder / creditCardHolder
   cc-number:               CCNr / CCNr 
 cc-exp-year:             KKYear / KKYear
cc-exp-month:            KKMonth / KKMonth

Our heuristics can only recognize card holder name based on its id/name.
We don't have the related regexps for others, and it's the root cause of this issue.
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See Also bug 1428729.

It seems to me that we should start to consider adding "KKYear", "KKMonth", "CCNr" and "KKNr" to our rules as at least two German websites use these patterns. What do you think?
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See Also: → 1428729
I think it's worth to try add these new rules for German websites. I am going to add these rules and see if there is any regression.
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Comment on attachment 8941354 [details]
Bug 1428732 - Add the credit card related rules for recongnizing cc-exp-year, cc-exp-month, and cc-number for German web sites.
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Add the credit card related rules for recongnizing cc-exp-year, cc-exp-month, and cc-number for German web sites. r=lchang
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Closed: 2 years ago
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Hi Ovidiu, can you help to verify is issue resolved? Thank you.
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Hello Lauren,

I tested this with FF Nightly 59.0a1(2018-01-12) and I can confirm that the credit card autofill suggestions are displayed. 
One thing that I noticed it's related to the expiration date of the card. Let's say that I file in this form with the data from one of my profiles, all the fields are updated accordingly, and when I want to clear the autofill form in the date field the data is not deleted, I think it should be reset to the initial state "MM" "JJJJ". Please see the screen recorder for a better understanding:

Please tell me your opinion about this, thanks.
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Hi Ovidiu,

What you saw is expected. According to UX Spec [1], it's by design that we won't reset a <select> element when clearing a form because it doesn't really help users.

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Thank Luke for clarifying UX spec. Hi Ovidiu, I agree with Luke that it's our expected behavior for select element. Can you help to check if there's another issue ?
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I also verified this behavior on, in the "Add New Payment Method" section and I have the same result. I think this is an expected behavior. I will mark this as verified fixed based on comment 11.
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