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Different vertical position of large text in browsers on Windows vs in browsers on MacOS


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Steps to reproduce:

in Firefox on Mac and in Firefox on Windows.

Actual results:

The text position currently is different:

The space above the large text is 103px in Firefox on Mac
vs 126px in Firefox on Windows.

The space below the large text is 76px in Firefox on Mac
vs 53px in Firefox on Windows.

Expected results:

The space above and below the large text should be the same in Chrome across OSs.
I need consistent rendering / consistent large-text-positioning across the major OSs (including all major browsers) (which should include Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc).

I'll attach a set of screenshots which shows that (currently) several major browsers share one larger-text-position on Mac and a different one on Windows. (the ones I checked: Mac Firefox,Chrome vs Windows Edge,Firefox,Chrome)

Which rendering / which text position is the correct one?

Perhaps the position in the middle (between Mac and Windows) would be a good compromise / a good objective for all browser vendors?

(By the way, I'm talking about the major difference in text positioning in browsers on Windows vs on Mac, not about the minor differences in text positioning in browsers on the same respective OS. The latter is negligible.)
Attached image mac_firefox.png
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Attached image windows_edge.png
Attached image windows_firefox.png
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(Didn't check carefully, but) I suspect this font has some weird baseline setting and thus different platform picks different value...

It seems to me that on Windows, the baseline is shifted downwards.
I tried it with a different font and I can't spot much difference on Mac vs Windows:

I hope the issue can get resolved in some way so that this page (incl. this font) (and all pages/fonts of that type

get rendered consistently across OSs.
Please let me know if there's anything I could supply / try / test or anything else.

For my and many other large-text based layouts using web-fonts it's crucial to get consistent positioning/metrics across OSs.
Screenshot of the above test-page in Firefox on Mac OS:

Screenshot of the above test-page in Firefox on Windows:

I hope that the issue can get resolved in some way. It affects layout quote drastically.
There's some recent discussion at .
Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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